Processed Dog Treats: Why to Stay Away from Them

As pet owners, we only want to give our four-legged friends the very best. When it comes to dog treats, there is a broad range of brands and types available to choose from to reward your treasured pooch for a job well done. But which treats are the best for your dog and which should always be avoided?

Processed food is everywhere and whether you are buying groceries for yourself or food for your pet, we should all try to avoid processed items as much as possible. You may already be aware of how unhealthy these food choices are for humans. But processed dog food and treats can also be just as harmful to your pet.

Why You Should Choose Natural Dog Chews for Your Pet

All-natural treats are always a healthier choice when compared to processed dog treats. You can avoid all the additives and possible health risks by choosing a treat for your pet that is made from wholesome ingredients.

It’s common knowledge that processed foods of any type are unhealthy. But did you know that processed bone treats can actually be dangerous for your dog?

The FDA has recently discovered that 68 pet illnesses and 15 pet deaths were caused by bone treats. The USDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has warned pet owners that these bone treats could be a serious health risk for their dogs.

Store-bought bone treats can be just as dangerous as giving your pet a real bone such as a chicken bone or pork bone. The processed treats in question were reported as looking moldy and they would become splintered once they were chewed on.

Why Processed Bone Treats Should Be Avoided

Processed bone treats are often dried through a smoking or baking process before hitting the store shelves. To keep them fresh longer, preservatives are added along with smoke flavor and seasoning.

These treats may seem harmless, but they have been known to cause serious health issues with dogs. Some of the health problems reported include digestive tract blockage, choking, vomiting, lacerations on the tonsils or in the mouth, rectal bleeding and diarrhea.

The experts say that a fully cooked beef bone has less risk involved, but you should still supervise your pet at all times and take away the bone once it starts to fragment. You can also choose a chew toy for your dog instead of giving them bone treats too often if you are concerned about the potential risks.

Choose a Healthier Alternative with the Best Natural Dog Chews in the Industry

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What Makes Yak Cheese Dog Treats Better Than All the Rest?

There are other Yak Cheese Dog Treats out there that claim to be made from Yak milk but often this is not the case. Those sold by Peppy Pooch, however, are made from 100% pure Yak milk and other natural ingredients to provide your dog with a wholesome treat they are sure to love.

These delicious and healthy alternatives to processed bone treats are packed with a rich cheesy flavor that dogs love and are made to last for hours. Plus, once your dog is almost finished with their Yak Cheese Treat, it can be popped in the microwave to create a delicious and crunchy cheese puff snack for them to devour.

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