Yak Chews For Dogs

Yak Cheese is a fantastic hard chew for dogs that need to be kept busy. All natural, and handmade from a recipe passed down from generation to generation in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. With sizes to suit every dog, if your dog hasn't tried this yet, it will quickly become a firm favorite

Sometimes known as 'Himalayan Chew' or 'Yak Bone'.

Manufactured with strict quality procedures at the dairy, each batch undergoes testing at a government lab. before being shipped. Upon arrival, we inspect each chew again to ensure the high standards we expect.

Once you have your chews, keep them in a cool place. Your dog will love chewing on their Yak 'bone' to get to the slightly smokey smell. It's highly likely that your dog will take several days to finish their chew.

Once they have only a small amount left, we recommend microwaving it to produce a cheesy puff. Your dog will love the new crunchy texture of their chew and will probably finish it off in a few minutes.