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It’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives

December 05, 2017

Peppy Pooch: Research shows dog owners live longer

In case you need another reason to snuggle your pup: According to a new study of more than 3.4 million people, owning a dog is linked to a longer life. The research, which is the latest in a growing body of work, suggests that canine companions may be good for human health—especially for people who live alone.

It's A Fact - Dogs Can Tell If You’re Untrustworthy!

April 25, 2017

Peppy Pooch Looking Skeptical

It's been known for years that dogs understand what it means when a human points at something. If a dog's owner points to the location of a ball, stick or treats, the dog will run and explore the location the person is pointing to.

The latest research shows they are quick to figure out if these gestures are misleading.