Poop Bags - Extra Large - Biodegradable - Earth Friendly

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Extra large, extra thick and durable, biodegradable, compostable pet waste bags.

As parents of 3 large dogs here at Peppy Pooch, we know a thing or two about poop bags! We have some pretty demanding requirements for any bags we use and our own bags have been designed to include them all.

Any size clean up is quick, easy and trouble free due to the extra large size of the bags and the thick and durable polymer means no unwanted ripping and tearing. Designed to open quickly and easily, these bags do the job. On top of that they're fully compostable and under the right conditions will break down to carbon dioxide and water in just 6 months leaving no harmful residue in the environment compared to years or never with other bags.

Our bags are made from corn starch polymer and are certified to meet the highest eco-standard ASTM D6400. Our cardboard cores and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials also.

16 rolls of 15 bags per roll (240 bags total).
Bag size 9"x13"
Fits standard dispensers.

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