Yak Chew - Large Premium Dog Chew - 3 Pack

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Each Yak Cheese Chew provides hours of delicious, quality chewing.

Yak Cheese Chews have been made for generations in the Himalayan foothills. Traditionally this cheese is made by farmers as a way to use the milk produced by their Yak. A Yak is a hardy cow found at high elevations, they have a thick hair coat to protect them from the cold mountain temperatures. Feeding on wild grass and vegetation, their milk gives the cheese a distinct flavor. The cheese is known locally as ‘Churpi’. Made from a few, simple ingredients (Yak milk, salt, and lime juice) it is low in fat, high in protein and packed full of nutrients. Used by the people of Nepal as a nutritious snack, the product is now also recognized as an excellent, hard, dog chew. Available in different sizes from small to extra large, there is a size for every dog. 

Our chews are smoked to provide a delicate but delicious flavor. The chews are extremely hard and dogs will have to work hard to soften the cheese before scraping small pieces away with their teeth to get to the flavor. This chewing is extremely beneficial to the oral health of dogs.

The chews weigh approximately 3.5oz (100g) and will vary slightly in length and thickness due to the product being all natural. This size chew is ideally suited to medium to large dogs.

Once a dog has worked her way down the chew and a small amount remains, it is great to microwave the Yak Cheese for a short period of time to produce a ‘Cheesy Puff’ which provides an intense flavor for your dog but with a completely different crunchy texture.

3 Count.

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