What’s in Yak Cheese Dog Treats?

Are you interested in finding a natural and nutritious treat your dog will love? Finding a product that meets both of these categories can be challenging, but it's not impossible. The Yak Cheese Chews from Peppy Pooch are long-lasting chews that are sure to keep your dog busy and satisfied for hours.

What Are Yak Dog Chews?

Yak Cheese Chews are an all-natural and unique treat for all types of dogs. These handmade dog treats are made based on a recipe passed down from one generation to the next in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal.

Yaks are hardy cows that reside in higher elevations. They have a thick coat of fur that protects them from the frigid temperatures. These animals feed on wild grass and other vegetation, and their milk gives the cheese a very distinctive flavor.

Locally, the cheese is known as Churpi. It is made using only a few ingredients: salt, lime juice, and Yak milk. This cheese is low in fat and very high in protein. 

The Yak Cheese Chew is a product that is widely used by the people of Nepal as a great shelf-stable snack. Now it is available as a hard dog treat for owners who are looking to satisfy the chewing needs of their dog.  

If your dog seems bored with their current treats, these Yak Cheese chews are sure to become a quick favorite for them.

What Makes Yak Cheese Dog Treats So Unique?

Yak Cheese Dog Treats are a refreshing change from the ordinary dog treats you usually feed your pet. These chews are smoked to create an amazing flavor that is completely unique.

The Yak Cheese Chews are very hard and can provide your dog with several hours of chewing pleasure. Your dog will enjoy scraping away the flavor with their teeth. Chewing these can be very beneficial for their oral health and well-being.

Yak Cheese Dog Chews are available in different sizes so you will be able to choose exactly the right size for your dog. 

Create Treats from Treats!

By the time your dog has reached the end of the chew and just a small amount is left, you can heat up the treat in the microwave. After a few seconds, the Yak Cheese produces a cheese puff style treat with a different texture that is crunchy, as well as an intense new flavor for them to enjoy. This texture mixed with the light smoky flavor makes Yak Cheese Dog Treats an excellent option for your special dog, no matter their size.

You simply need to heat up the treats on high for around one minute and allow them to cool before giving the treat back to your dog to enjoy.

Check out the wide selection of treats, sticks, and chews available from Peppy Pooch and provide your pet with an assortment of nutritious snacks that you can feel good about.