10 Reasons Why Your Dog Will Love Yak Dog Chews

Yak Dog Chews are a tasty treat made from 100% Yak milk that dogs of all sizes and breeds love. These cheesy treats are packed with nutrition and can provide your dog with plenty of quality chewing time.

10 Reasons to Purchase Yak Dog Chews for your Pet

If you are interested in purchasing a pack of Yak Chews for your pet but are unsure if your dog will enjoy them, here are 10 reasons why we think you should give them a try.

Yak Dog Chews Provide Your Dog with Hours of Tasty Chewing

These premium Yak Dog Chews will provide your pet with plenty of chewing that will last for hours and hours. You will get your money’s worth and then some when you purchase these tasty cheese treats regardless of what size you buy.

Yak Chews are Made from Quality Ingredients

All Yak Chews from Peppy Pooch are made from 100% all-natural Yak milk and other fine ingredients making them the obvious healthy snack choice over the other brands you find at your local retail store.

An Excellent Product for Medium to Large Breed Dogs

Regardless of what size dog you own, you can find the ideal Yak Dog Chew for them. These chews are available in small, medium and extra-large sizes making them just the right size for your favorite pet.

Be Confident Knowing You’re Giving Your Pet Something That Tastes Great and is Good for Them

There are many options out there for dog chews and treats, yet not all of them are of the same quality as the Yak Chews from Peppy Pooch. When you purchase these Yak Cheese Chews, you can be assured that you are buying a product that your pet will enjoy. And that’s good news for both of you.

Microwave for a Cheesy Puff Crunchy Texture

After your dog enjoys most of their Yak Cheese Dog Treat, make the snack even more enjoyable by popping it into the microwave and turning it into a crunchy snack with plenty of texture. It only takes a few seconds to convert this cheesy snack into a crunchy cheese puff.

Made From 100% Yak Milk

Unlike other Yak Cheese Dog Treats that are only made with partial Yak milk, the Dog Treats that you purchase from Peppy Pooch are made from 100% real Yak Milk which is sourced from the Himalayas.

Various Sizes and Quantities Available

Do you have dogs that are different breeds, or wonder if your medium-sized dog would prefer larger treats? At Peppy Pooch, there are several varieties of Yak Dog Chews available to satisfy any size appetite.

Show Them How Much You Truly Care

You love your pet and want them to have the very best in life, and that includes their treats. Show them how much you truly care by offering your dogs these healthy and nutritious, but also tasty, treats.

A Great All-Natural Alternative to Processed Dog Chews

If you have concerns about the ingredients that go into your dog’s food, you’re not alone. More pet owners are educating themselves on the dangers of some of the lower quality ingredients found in some of the industry’s most popular products. With Yak Dog Chews, you can be assured that you are offering your pet a better alternative to overly processed treats.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $30

When you place your order with peppy Pooch, you can save even more on the snacks your dog loves the most. Now you can take advantage of their Free Shipping offer on all orders over $30.

Peppy Pooch has a Grand Selection of Dog Chews, Treats, and Snacks

If you are interested in giving your dog a healthier and all-natural treat, you should try out the Yak Dog Chews and other delicious snacks available through MyPeppyPooch.com. They have a large selection of dog treats, bites, and snacks for all breeds to enjoy. Free Shipping is available on orders over $30.