Customer Response to Peppy Pooch Bully Sticks Is Overwhelmingly Positive

Phunkee Monkee LLC, a Pittsburgh, PA based company today announced that it continues to see an outstandingly positive response to their Peppy Pooch Brand of 6 inch Bully Sticks.

A company spokesperson said, “The all natural Bully Sticks for dogs were launched in June and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from day one. We believe that this is a reflection of our focus on high quality products and outstanding customer service.”

“Great bully sticks! Low odor, nicely made (not hollow) and keeps my lil one busy for hours. Extra bonus being made in the U.S.! Have tried many, many different sources for bully sticks cause my dog is a big chewer (12 lb Chi-mix). Would definitely buy again“ said one very happy customer.

The spokesperson continued, “Many people are quickly becoming repeat purchasers due to the fact that their dogs just love our Peppy Pooch Bully Sticks. For example satisfied customer Lisa had this to say ‘Our puppy loves these and we just ordered our second pack. No telling how much furniture these may have saved!’”

Low odor is certainly a consideration for most people when choosing a brand of Bully Stick for their dog. Peppy Pooch Bully Sticks are prepared in such a way as to minimize the natural odor WITHOUT resorting to chemical treatment of any kind.

One satisfied customer wrote “I give these to my 2 puppy mini Schnauzers when they are in their crate and they LOVE them. I have given them other bully sticks that stink - like OMG stink up the whole house disgusting stink. These are relatively smell free comparatively.”

Peppy Pooch Bully Sticks brand of dog treats are low fat, lean protein chews made in the USA with no byproducts, hormones, fillers, or other additives. The company’s passion is to provide dog owners with the best, 100% all natural products made from only the highest quality ingredients. These healthy treats reflect the company’s commitment to delivering great tasting snacks to everyone’s furry friends which their owners can trust and the dogs will love.

Phunkee Monkee is committed to bringing more high quality, all natural products to its customers over the coming months. The Peppy Pooch brand is available on line at