Peppy Pooch Launches Beef Tendon Bites

Many dog owners are careful to provide their four legged friends with a balanced diet which is beneficial to their long term health and which supports their general well being. Quite often owners also choose to supplement their dogs diets with additional vitamins and minerals which are known to help with specific health issues such as joint stiffness, low energy etc. 

Beef tendon is not only delicious to dogs but it is also highly nutritious and a good source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which are essential to a dogs health. The tendon is very high in protein and low in fat making it an excellent treat for dogs of any size.

Beef tendon is rich in a range of vitamins including vitamin E and B12 which are essential to good health, as well as minerals and trace minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper which function in diverse roles ranging from bone health to metabolism.

Eaten in Asian cultures for thousands of years, tendon is rich in collagen, glucosamine and elastin. Eating tendon in these cultures is believed to promote healthy joints and skin.

Peppy Pooch Tendon Bites contain only backstrap tendon from grass fed beef raised in the USA. They are cooked to a crunchy finish and come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 3+ inches. Each bag contains 1 lb of Tendon Bites.

The Peppy Pooch brand provides dog owners with the best, 100% all natural, products made from only the highest quality ingredients. These healthy treats reflect the company’s commitment to delivering great tasting snacks which dog owners can trust and dogs will love.