Probiotic Functional Dog Treats

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Peppy Pooch Probiotic Functional Treats are formulated with only the best all-natural ingredients.

Peppy Pooch Probiotic Functional Treats contain both prebiotics and probiotics and are formulated with only the best all natural ingredients.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in various parts of your dogs body. The term probiotic literally means ‘ for life’. Probiotics are often called “good bacteria” - keeping a good balance of good (vs bad) bacteria is vital for your dogs health.

Prebiotics nourish the probiotics and keep them active. Prebiotics and probiotics form a perfect couple by working together to keep your dog’s body super healthy.

Delicious Pumpkin is high in fiber which can help with constipation and is also a natural dewormer. Ginger is well known for helping with upset tummies.


Soft and easily chewable, these treats are great for older and younger dogs alike.  Free from grains, they are also gentle on sensitive tummies.

Each chew contains max. 2 billion CFU’s microbial count and 120 mg ginger root. Each bag contains a whopping 16oz. of treats.

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