June 13, 2016

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Peppy Pooch Announces Launch of 10 inch Beef Tendon Sticks

Peppy Pooch today announced the launch of 10 inch Beef Tendon Sticks to complement its range of all natural dog treats.

Peppy Pooch Beef Tendons All Natural Treats for Dogs

 The company is following on from a successful introduction of Beef Tendon Bites in March, to bring its customers all the great taste of the Bites in a larger sized 10 inch Stick.   

Beef tendon is not only delicious to dogs but it is also highly nutritious and a good source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which are essential to a dogs health. The tendon is very high in protein and low in fat making it.....

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Know What Your Dog Is Saying.

One of the great things about your relationship with your dog is their abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate with you. Just as we can form sen­tences and change the pitch of our voice to mean dif­fer­ent things, your dog too can change her bark de­pend­ing on what she's try­ing to tell you.

K9 Mag­a­zine re­cently de­scribed the Top 10 Barks and what they mean. You’ll find a summary below..... 

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Deciding what treats to give your dog?

We love to spoil our pets, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by offering them something special to eat or chew. Have you ever asked yourself why you buy the treats that you do, or why your dog likes some treats and not others? Chances are you know your pet's tastes better than anyone, and have a good idea what they might like, and what will be best to offer. Your dog may already show a preference for certain flavors or textures, or he may have some habits or behaviors that need to be take into account. Dog treats aren’t just a way to show your love, they can also be great tools for training and reinforcing good behavior.

So what are some things to consider when seeking the perfect treat for your pet?
The two main considerations ...

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