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Peppy Pooch Announces Launch of 10 inch Beef Tendon Sticks

June 13, 2016

Peppy Pooch today announced the launch of 10 inch Beef Tendon Sticks to complement its range of all natural dog treats.

Peppy Pooch Beef Tendons All Natural Treats for Dogs

 The company is following on from a successful introduction of Beef Tendon Bites in March, to bring its customers all the great taste of the Bites in a larger sized 10 inch Stick.   

Beef tendon is not only delicious to dogs but it is also highly nutritious and a good source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which are essential to a dogs health. The tendon is very high in protein and low in fat making it.....

How To Prevent Your Dog from Tugging On The Leash - PART 2 of 2 : Training

June 02, 2016

In our last blog we looked at how to manage your dogs behavior while out on your walks, specifically what techniques to use to prevent pulling and jumping towards strangers or other dogs. Once you are managing your walks, it’s time to start training. You are going to begin at home, with no distractions and gradually move to harder and harder situations.

You are going to work on 3 concepts: keeping focus on you, loose leash walking, and sit to greet or leave it.

If your dog can master these 3 training skills, she will be a polite walker regardless of.........